1 I have a switch 3 positions. Right is the + permanent from car radio. Left is the + After contact. The middle is the output to a relay. This setup is correct, tested and good. With this setup, I can turn on US Blinker with the car contact, permanent battery or turn off simply. Here, police do not like US Blinker lol:

2 Here is the picture of the switch 3 positions (here is on + after contact):

3 Here is the cable (red) from output switch. He is going to my relay in fuse box. The black cables are for relay mass and US Blinker module mass. The mass are good, tested on continuity from battery and OK.

4 Here is my fuse box with my relay (violet) and US Blinker module. I have a fuse for the + battery to relay, he is OK.

5 Here is positive cable that connects the US Blinker module. Tested, 12v come here.

6 Here is left blinker. Yellow is for the command and orange is for the bulb. Tested, Connections OK, bulb too.

7 Here are the blue and green cables passing in calender. Installation is clean. Continuity is OK.

8 Here is right blinker. Green is for the command and blue is for the bulb. Tested, Connections OK, bulb too.

The left US blinker is working, but the right don't work. The blinker are working fine. I think the module is defective. I have removed the positive part of the battery for the setup.

remark: I removed my LED for classic bulb for try, but with LED, the left side with US Blinker brightness during the flashing is too large. there is no dimmer on this module? Or better, a cut function? For led, what is what is better between cut and dimmer? I think cut function is better for police?

Thank's for read this folder.